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What We Do

TDB Loans Loan Explained

TDB Loans Loan provides [ personal loans ] of $50 to $4000 with terms of 9 to 36 months. We get you cash fast with a simple 15-minute application process and easy approval in 24 hours. We provide flexible payment options and absolutely no hidden fees. You can be sure we are committed to helping you when you need it most.

Top 5 Loan Reasons

TDB Loans Services Areas

We Can Help

  • If you have a bankruptcy
  • When you are in collections
  • Rebuild your credit
  • When others won't approve

  • Getting A Loan

    • Complete online application
    • Verify your loan documents
    • Provide your banking information
    • e-Sign your loan agreement
    • Receive loan via direct deposit

    Personal Loan APR

    The lenders we work with offer APRs between 4.66% to 36% with repayment periods ranging from 12 to 84 months (there are no early payment penalties). It is not ideal to owe any money but if you require a loan, a personal loan could definitely be a viable option.
    Your lender will give you all details on the annual percentage rate, cash loan finance charges and other terms once you are redirected to the loan agreement during the process of requesting a personal loan.

    APR Amount Period Monthly Total Paid
    6% $4,000 24 month $177.28 $4,254.78
    15% $4,000 24 month $193.95 $4,654.72
    25% $4,000 24 month $213.49 $5,123.67

    Important Points to Consider

    www.Tdbloans.com is only partnered with professional lenders who provide potential borrowers with sufficiently detailed information concerning loan terms and conditions prior to their accepting any personal loan offer. We recommend that you closely view the terms of any loan offer you get. There are no fees and no obligation for our service to match you with potential lenders.

    Fees and Interest

    There is no charge for our services. The lender is required by federal law to present to you the terms of the loan, the rates and all costs associated with the loan prior to your executing the loan documents. Please review these carefully. At no time are you required to enter into a loan that you do not understand the terms, costs and rates or any other part of the loan documents. Please feel free to exit the process at any time as you are under no obligation to accept the loan presented.

    Financial Implications (Interest and Finance Charges)

    If you get approved for a personal loan, the lender will show you the exact fees and interest rate associated with the loan before you formally agree to their offer. Tdbloans.com is not a lending operation, so it therefore is unable to tell you what the exact fees and interest attached to your loan offer will be. Please know that you are never under obligation to accept the loan terms that a lender gives you. Here are examples from some of our lenders: "If you receive a $5,000 36-month loan at an interest rate of 6.03% with a 1.11% origination fee of $55.50, you will receive a loan amount of $4,944.50 and will make 36 monthly payments of approximately $152.18 at a 6.78% APR." "In the case of a $15,000 60-month loan at an interest rate of 7.90% with a 3.00% origination fee of $450.00, you will receive a loan amount of $14,550.00 and will make 60 monthly payments of approximately $303.43 at a 9.20% APR."

    Late/Non Payment Implications

    Accepting the terms and conditions for a personal loan offer essentially means that you agree to repay the loan with interest in the time specified in your loan agreement. If you aren't able to repay your loan in full or should you make a late payment, it is likely you will incur insufficient fund fees, non-payment fees, legal fees, interest and administrative fees. Make it a point to closely look at the partial payment, late payment and nonpayment policies that are detailed in your loan documents. The policy of Tdbloans.com is to partner only with reputable, trustworthy lenders who pursue collections of past-due loan accounts always in a fair and reasonable manner.

    Credit Score Consequences

    On top of the financial costs of debt collection and personal loan fees, failure to pay off a personal loan will usually result in a negative entry in your credit history. Non-payment will usually cause your credit score to drop and other lenders and agencies will see the loan delinquency on your credit history. A delinquent personal loan on your credit history will make future loans you want to receive difficult, more expensive or even impossible to get.

    Collection Practices

    As previously stated, Tdbloans.com is not a lending operation, and we do not get involved in the process of debt collection. As part of the loan documents your lender will provide to you, you will find detailed information concerning their specific debt collection practices. If you are unsure in any way of what those collection practices entail, we suggest that you explore that issue with the lender. At Tdbloans.com we are proud of our policy of only working with lenders who pursue delinquent accounts in a manner that is fair and reasonable.

    Loan Renewal Policies

    Prior to accepting a particular personal loan offer, you will be presented with various loan renewal options by your lender. Carefully look through the lender's loan renewal policy before you electronically sign loan documents of any type. Be aware of the fact that state regulations determine lenders' loan renewal policies to a significant extent. Personal loans should not be used as a long-term financial solution. At Tdbloans.com, we always encourage borrowers to repay their loan fully and by the time it is due so they can avoid fees such as late penalties and nonpayment penalties. If you think that you may experience difficulty paying back a personal loan after borrowing it, Tdbloans.com advises you to closely examine different loan alternatives before you take the step of requesting for loan assistance through us.

    State and Local Laws and Regulations

    All personal loan providers are regulated by federal and state entities and must follow and adhere to all laws in terms of lending and non-payment. It is important to understand the laws and regulations that apply to your loan and your lender before you take out a personal loan.


Simple Steps to Get Your Loan Fast

TDB Loans currently offers 2 types of loans: Personal or debt consolidation.
Regardless of the purpose of your term loan, whether it be for home improvement, car repairs, emergency expenses, or to pay off debt, we offer funds from $500 to $2,500 and allow you up to 72 months to re-pay. Approval amounts are based on stability of employment, net monthly income after taxes, your existing debt load and obligations, and a variety of other underwriting guidelines.

Loan - It's Easy and Hassle Free

Your loan can be approved within hours of your application being received. Once approved for your personal loan, the funds are transferred electronically into your bank account the next business day. Next, your loan re-payments will be debited automatically on your pay day (which we would confirm with your employer for flexible bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly repayments).

We loan you money at reasonable interest rates and with a repayment plan that works for you and helps you build your credit over time. Re-payment terms also range from 6-24 months, unlike Payday lenders which are very short-term. Also, unlike our competitors, you don’t need to own your home to get a loan with us! Were you referred to us by a creditor that you owe money too?

Required Documentation & Verification

income Proof

Proof of income (provide your last 2 paystubs)

Address Proof

Proof of address (cable, hydro, etc.)

Personal Identification

2 Pieces of Government issued identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.)

Job Proof

Last 3 months of Bank Statements + Employment Verification

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